Mount Desert Island Regional School System - AOS 91

1081 Eagle Lake Road, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

P.O. Box 60, Mt. Desert, Maine 04660

Phone: (207) 288-5049 | Fax: (207) 288-5071

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide leadership and support to the schools of the Mount Desert Island Regional School System – AOS #91 so that faculty and staff commit to preparing students to become:

  • Clear and Effective Communicators who construct and convey meaning for a variety of purposes and through a variety of modes.

  • Self-Directed Learners who understand the importance of embracing and nurturing continuous intellectual growth and curiosity.

  • Creative and Practical Problem Solvers who are skilled at gathering information, analyzing and evaluating data, applying knowledge and assessing evidence in order to persist in problem solving, create solutions and/or deepen understanding.

  • Responsible and Involved Citizens who acknowledge, and respond actively and constructively to the diversity, complexity and dynamic nature of our community and our world.

  • Integrative and Informed Thinkers who are skilled at using complex reasoning, making important connections and formulating and answering thoughtful questions.

Revised: 06/22/15


All MDIRSS students will have the opportunity to receive high-quality instruction and to pursue a personally challenging and rigorous K-12 educational program. Each student will build a solid base of knowledge and skills and will have many opportunities to explore interests, deepen understanding and develop talents.

In MDIRSS, administrators, teachers, and the community work as partners to enhance and enrich the educational experience of the students. Study is both independent and collaborative; students and teachers work together to expand knowledge and to develop critical and creative thinking skills. Assessment of learning and teaching is ongoing, varied and an integral part of the educational process.

The natural environment and community resources unique to our school district provide opportunities for important learning outside of the classroom. Members of the school and extended community maintain high expectations for all students and teachers, and strive to demonstrate respect, reflecting together and sharing responsibility for the education of each student.

Revised: 06/22/15