Developing Metacognition

Element 10.B.6: Coaches students to develop awareness of themselves as learners (metacognition)

Why is this important?
If we truly want students to become independent learners, they need to know how to learn and, more specifically, how they learn. "Metacognition" is often defined as "thinking about thinking" but that oversimplifies the combination of perspective, self-awareness of oneself as a learner, reflection and evaluation that work in tandem to develop metacognitive skills. This does not come automatically to most people but must be coached through opportunities to reflect and discuss how tasks were approached to help the learner make important connections between learning strategies and outcomes. 

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After exploring this high impact strategy:

1. What are your most important takeaways?

2. In what ways do you anticipate this will impact or shift your practice?

3. What questions do you have at this point?