Element 9 - Classroom Management

Why is this important?

It is hard to learn in a chaotic environment! The purpose of classroom management is to provide a learning environment that is orderly, safe and predictable with routines and protocols that allow students to make optimal use of the classroom and increase ownership. Research shows that students learn, think and collaborate best when their stress levels are low, and they have the tools, resources and space that they need.  Positive relationships with students and clear expectations for behavior are also critical, as is a learning culture that promotes a growth mindset. Classroom management is the art and science of carefully developing and consistently maintaining all of the above. 

When thinking about Amphibious Design...How will you create, foster and sustain an orderly learning environment where the norms and routines are the same/similar and are sturdy enough to cross settings?  How will you determine what rules you need in each setting to best support engagement and learning? How will you model, teach and practice these with your students so that they know what is expected and what they can count on? Some ideas and approaches to consider:  

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