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Erate Questions

The purpose of this page is to supply interested vendors with information shared with other vendors as questions about the project are addressed.

**NOTE**: Application #190009381 has been revised.  All vendors should refer to Application #190015071 titles Network-19-20 Revised.  Managed Services requests are on Application #190015500.  All items refer back to Application #190015071.


Q: Can we substitute requested brand of equipment?
A: Yes - as long as the vendor proves that the substituted equipment is equal to or better than the requested equipment.  The "Trade name alternatives" tab of Form 470 #190015071 states "Whenever in specifications any materials, process, or article in indicated or specified by grade, patent, or proprietary name or by name of manufacturer, such specification shall be deemed to be used for the purpose of facilitating description of material. process or article desired and shall be deemed to be followed by the words "or equal", and service provider may, unless otherwise stated, offer any material, process or article which shall be substantially equal or better in every respect to that so indicated or specified.  Burden of proof as to equality of any material, process or article shall rest with the service provider. Service Provider shall submit request together with substantiating data for substitution of any "or equal" item within the response by the closing of bids."