Parent Education Workshops

Questions for parents to promote discussion about technology use:

Has technology brought our family closer together or pushed us apart?
Do we have clear guidelines in place?
How does this digital device benefit our family?
Has the way we use this device changed or harmed our family some way?
Can our child or children disengage easily from using this device?
Has this device changed the behavior, personality, or mood of our child or children in any way?
Has our child or children lost interest in other activities or relationships since device first introduced?
Can our child or children entertain themselves without this technology in their free time, at a restaurant, in a waiting room, or while riding in a car?
Have we set up age-appropriate parental controls and blocks on our devices?
Does our child or children understand and respect parent authority related to monitoring the device and removing the device if needed?
Does our child or children view using our devices as a privilege or a right?
How does our child or children respond if we tell them to put away the device or if we limit their time on the device?
How would our family change if we took away any device altogether?