MDIRSS Virtual Academy program: 2020-2021 school year

Welcome to the MDIRSS Virtual Academy Webpage!

MDIRSS Virtual Academy Staff

MDIRSS Virtual Academy Administrators
  • Jill Cohen, Supervising Administrator
  • Julie Meltzer, MDIRSS Director of Curriculum
         MDIRSS Virtual Academy Teachers

MDIRSS Virtual Academy Secretary: 
Karen Shields; 288-5049

MDIRSS Educational Tech Coordinator: 
Josh Young; 288-5049

If you know your child will not be attending a scheduled class due to an appointment, or because they are not feeling well, please email both your child's teacher and Karen Shields, or call Karen at 288-5049.

Things to keep in mind when using Google Meet 
  • Show up 2-3 minutes early to make sure you can get into the Google Meet.
  • Get dressed, comb your hair, eat breakfast and brush your teeth. You are "at school."
  • Tell others at home you are doing a video chat. Find a quiet spot. Choose a location that has a good background, is well lit and has a space where you can work (desk, table). Note: A bright window does not work well for a background. 
  • Use your headphones if possible.
  • Mute your mic when you are not speaking. Wait your turn to speak.
  • Look into the camera to make eye contact with others.
  • Stay on task. It is obvious when you are not.

NOTE: Teachers will be taking attendance in the Virtual Academy, and our students are expected to be logged in before the beginning of class, ready to learn!

Key Messages for Our Families

Screen time guidelines for online activities

K-2nd grade students:

  • Students will need support to access online programs and virtual class meetings.  Technology access should be initiated by parents.

  • Online activities should be completed in 10-15 minute intervals with stretch breaks in between.

3rd-4th grade students:

  • Students are more familiar with technology use but still may need adult support.

  • Online activities should be completed in 20-30 minute intervals with stretch breaks in between.

5th-8th grade students:

  • Students should not require constant adult supervision and can navigate most digital platforms independently.

  • Online activities should be completed in 30-55 minute intervals with stretch breaks in between.

Messages and information for parents:

  1. Check Seesaw regularly—you'll be notified about new journal entries and class announcements.

  2. Celebrate your child’s successes and encourage the skills that we are building at school together at home.

  3. Keep your child's teacher updated on how your child is doing.



Grade Level Use

What it does

How to access and link to directions



Student GMail is how students and parents will know that video sessions are set up for Google Meet, and/or that new activities have been posted to Google Classroom.

Directions for accessing GMail can be found here.

Google Meet


Google Meet is an application for video conferencing between students and teachers.  These may be live or recorded.  

Students should have received a nickname or code from their homeroom teacher in order to access their first Google Meet session. Click here for directions on how to access Google Meet.


Google Classroom



These applications allows students to access activities, materials, videos.  Students can also submit evidence of work and participate in group discussions.

Students will receive the invitation and access code through GMail.  Directions for accessing Google Classroom can be found here.  



Clever is a portal to a variety of applications that are regularly used for instruction like Lexia and Dreambox.

Directions for accessing Clever can be found here.


Educational Apps available through the district's CLEVER Portal

Specials Choice Boards