By selecting the "MDIRSS Apps Login" link, I agree to the following Policy.

MDIRSS Apps Policy (Draft): Google Apps is a special account-based service that has several useful features for students and staff members. The free tools provided by Google are available to users at school and at home online. All users of the MDIRSS Google Apps system must be aware of and agree to the following guidelines regarding use of this system.

  1. All rules, regulations, and guidelines already covered by MDIRSS Policies andpractices; as well as all local, state, and federal laws still apply to use of this system. Nothing illegal, immoral, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by all other school policies and outside laws may be entered into or displayed via the MDIRSS Apps system.
  2. MDIRSS Apps is intended for school and educational purposes only.
  3. When sharing a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or other file with other users, one agrees that:
    1. all users are agreeable to receiving an invitation to collaborate,
    2. all users must report any violations of any school policies, regulations or government laws immediately,
    3. all users must be treated with respect, and
    4. all users are expected to contribute fairly, citing sources whenever necessary, and following all rules, laws, and guidelines.
  4. Deliberate destruction or vandalism of other users’ data or shared data is prohibited. Nothing should be purposefully deleted without the permission of the person who created it.
  5. MDIRSS Apps will not be used to post any information for commercial activities, product advertisement, or political advocacy, nor will it be used to post any obscene, discriminatory, or offensive material.
  6. Designated school officials have the right to monitor all postings and activities in Google Apps to delete any materials that are not in compliance with this policy.