MDIRSS-AOS 91 board members and administrators share ideas 
about ways to improve meeting schedules.  
Community members are welcome to observe the flow of ideas by viewing them here:  

These ideas will be discussed at a future MDIRSS-AOS 91 board meeting.


If you have questions or need information that you cannot find in our website, please call or stop in to our offices to speak with someone directly.

Dear Parents, 

MDIRSS is excited to announce the launch of a new service that will enhance communication by allowing us to deliver important information to you via SMS text messaging. This service is not intended to replace our existing means of communication– rather it will enhance them. 

The service is provided by SchoolMessenger. Information can be found at 

MDIRSS will only use the service to provide information that is timely and relevant. 

In order to participate in the new service you must indicate your willingness to receive text messages to your phone. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to complete. 

Simply text any one of the following words to the number 68453subscribe, optin, yes.

You’ll know you were successful if you receive the following reply message: 

You are registered to receive aprox 3 msgs/mo. Txt STOP to quit, HELP for help. 

You’ll want to repeat the opt-in process for any wireless numbers that you wish to include. 

In addition to performing the opt-in process above you’ll want to insure that MDIRSS has your wireless number(s) in our student information database. If you haven’t already provided that information to your school please contact them and provide them with that information. 

MDIRSS will be officially launching the new service in the next few weeks, so until then you won’t receive any further text messages. 

Please note, although MDIRSS does not charge you for this service, it does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by you for sending or receiving text messages. Check with your wireless carrier for possible charges. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Josh Young, MDIRSS Educational Technology Coordinator, at (207) 288-5040 or  Thank you.


This revised mission statement will be approved by local boards in the spring of 2015.

Our mission is to provide leadership and support to the schools of the Mount Desert Island Regional School System – AOS #91 so that school-based educators can assure all children a high quality education that prepares students to become:

Clear and Effective Communicators who understand the attributes and techniques that positively impact constructing and conveying meaning for a variety of purposes and through a variety of modes.

Self-Directed and Lifelong Learners who understand the importance of embracing and nurturing a growth mindset.

Creative and Practical Problem Solvers who are skilled at selecting and applying a process of problem-solving to deepen understanding, who are able to determine whether redefining the goal is a better way of addressing a problem situation, and who continue to consider other alternative solutions until one resonates as the best one.

Responsible and Involved Citizens who understand the interdependence within and across systems and who bring to each situation the appropriate actions.

Integrative and Informed Thinkers who are skilled at using complex reasoning processes to make meaning.

First Reading: 06/24/02
Adopted: 06/24/02
Revised: _______


All students have the opportunity to experience excellence and to pursue a challenging program which holds all to the high set of standards established by Mount Desert Island Regional School System - AOS #91. In their efforts to build a solid base of knowledge and skills, and to meet their own individual learning needs, students have the opportunity to choose within the curriculum to explore their own interests, pursue their talents, and seek personal challenges. Study that is both independent and collaborative invites student questions as teachers and students work as partners to develop challenging and measurable projects. Assessment is on-going, varied and an integral part of the learning process. There is a seamless quality to our student's learning experiences that crosses space, time, age, roles, and components of the curricula. The schools are centers for the learning activities of all members of the learning community and students use the wider learning community as a laboratory. The natural environment and community resources unique to our school district provide opportunities to understand and participate in caring, responsible, and meaningful, social change. All members of the school and extended community maintain high expectations for all students and teachers and strive to demonstrate respect and reflection in meeting the shared responsibility for the education of each student.

Legal References: 20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 1001 et seq. 4511.3, A. Chapter 127 (Maine Department of Education Rules)

Adopted: 12/06/95