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Our mission is to provide leadership and support to Mount Desert Island Regional School System - AOS #91 member schools to assure all children a high quality education --- emphasizing essential academic skills and preparing students to be personally and socially responsible citizens.

First Reading: 06/24/02
Adopted: 06/24/02


All students have the opportunity to experience excellence and to pursue a challenging program which holds all to the high set of standards established by Mount Desert Island Regional School System - AOS #91. In their efforts to build a solid base of knowledge and skills, and to meet their own individual learning needs, students have the opportunity to choose within the curriculum to explore their own interests, pursue their talents, and seek personal challenges. Study that is both independent and collaborative invites student questions as teachers and students work as partners to develop challenging and measurable projects. Assessment is on-going, varied and an integral part of the learning process. There is a seamless quality to our student's learning experiences that crosses space, time, age, roles, and components of the curricula. The schools are centers for the learning activities of all members of the learning community and students use the wider learning community as a laboratory. The natural environment and community resources unique to our school district provide opportunities to understand and participate in caring, responsible, and meaningful, social change. All members of the school and extended community maintain high expectations for all students and teachers and strive to demonstrate respect and reflection in meeting the shared responsibility for the education of each student.

Legal References: 20-A M.R.S.A. §§ 1001 et seq. 4511.3, A. Chapter 127 (Maine Department of Education Rules)

Adopted: 12/06/95